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JRS86 builds durable brands

Useful people, projects, and tools

There's not way in hell I'd be anywhere near this level in my career, if it weren't for these inspirations


James Dinsdale—developer of Zulu, ZUnit and Phillip, as well as some other cool projects

Bastian Allgeier—founder and lead developer of Kirby CMS, the software behind this website

Fabio Sasso/Abduzeedo—I have followed Fabio's blog since it was, well, a blog. Now it's so much more


Kirby CMS—the software behind this website

Ghost—a lightweight Node.js blog platform

Tools & Other Stuff

Atom—my code editor of choice

Github for Windows—the desktop UI version of Github

Myth CSS—a simple CSS preprocessor that allows for the use of native CSS variables

SASS Language—a full-featured CSS preprocessor

DigitalOcean—superior cloud-based hosting for devs, creators, and nerds